Coronavirus Update -20th March 2020

Dear Parishoners of St Jerome’s and St Anne’s

As the cessation of public Masses and worship formally begins across our country, some of us may be wondering what will happen to our church buildings. Do they just get put into mothballs? Do they just become a museum? Certainly, they are no longer, for the foreseeable future, places where people can gather for public worship. However, they remain houses of prayer. I will be celebrating Mass in both our churches throughout the crisis that is now upon us. This will be done by myself, behind closed doors. But I shall be remembering at the Altar, each and every member of our parish communities.

Likewise, the Blessed Sacrament will remain in the tabernacles of both our churches throughout this crisis. This reminds us that the Lord remains with us even in the darkest days. Perhaps, as you pass our churches, you might whisper a prayer to the Lord who is sacramentally present there.

Let us take heart now and entrust ourselves to the Lord. Let us reach out to those we know who are in need, by phone or e mail, to offer comfort and encouragement.

Finally, let me urge everyone to follow the advice of the public health authorities very carefully. In this way, we show charity to our vulnerable brothers and sisters by shielding them from possible infection.

With an assurance of my prayers,

God bless you,

Fr. John