Update re – Help and Support -30th March 2020

Alice Joyce has sent the following update;

The Foodbank are now in desperate need and they expect this to worsen over the next few weeks.
They urgently need Longlife Milk, tinned meats also any tinned vegetables or fruit,
Washing powder/tablets and treats for the kids. With Easter just less than 2 weeks, away creme eggs, lollipops, Haribo sweets would all be much appreciated.
Even if you can only spare one tin of baked beans, please pop it in our front gate at 35 Freshfield Road on the corner of Wicks Lane when your out on your daily walk.
Just lift the latch of gate and we’ll put a plastic container with a lid just inside the gate.
Please wear gloves and we’ll disinfect the latch regularly being mindful of any cross contamination.
We’ll deliver the food up to the Lakeside Food Bank on Friday.  It’s now open Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-3pm.
Don’t forget, Waitrose, Tesco and One Stop -opp Cross House pub – are still big collection points for the Food Bank.
If you can’t get out, you can always donate money to this very worthy cause, using the below link

Make a donation – The Trussell Trust    This link takes you straight to the donation page.