Holy Week – Update from Fr. John

Dear Parishioners of St Jerome’s and. St Anne’s

Holy Week begins today, Palm Sunday. We remember the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem. It is a dramatic moment. The people come flooding out of the gates to welcome the Messiah. The same people will cry for the blood of Jesus on that first Good Friday.

This year, we find ourselves in our own dramatic situation. The churches are locked. Silence covers everything. No voices are  raised to acclaim Jesus the King. But Jesus pays no heed to the voices raised in praise of him. He looks at the hearts of those he passes. Those calling out to him;, are they sincere? Do they truly welcome him. Or do they just follow the crowd?

As he passes by tomorrow, Jesus will look into our hearts. As he passes by our homes and families, he looks for those who truly desire him, truly welcome him. He looks for a home, a true welcome, a loving welcome.

Let us enter Holy Week in a simple and humble way. Let us open our hearts to Jesus and tell him that our hearts are pulled in different directions and are complicated. But let us tell him above all that we want him to enter our hearts and find a home there.

Let us show Jesus, in the coming week, that our love is not just words. Let us accompany him quietly and lovingly. The events of this week always overwhelm us. But let us stay close to Jesus.

John Mc Carthy will provide the readings for Holy Week on our website. Please read them slowly and reflect on them. Let us remain close to one another in prayer.

God bless you all,

Father John