Recordings of the Triduum Scripture Readings – 7th April 2020

Message from the Liverpool Archdiocese

Recordings of the Triduum Scripture Readings

7 April 2020

Dear Father / Deacon / Sister / Colleague,

The Archbishop has requested that the following message from Professor David Crystal be circulated:

To help those at home who will miss hearing the scripture readings between Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday – and perhaps also to give some relief to priests streaming their services online – I’ve recorded everything in a file that can be accessed via WeTransfer.

You need to type into your internet browser. The link will take you to the WeTransfer website. Click on ‘Agree’, then on ‘Download’, and a folder called ‘Triduum Readings by David Crystal’ will be downloaded to your computer, usually into your Downloads folder. If the file appears as a zip file, click to open it and see the folder which contains separate recordings of each reading.

If you’d like to share the files with someone else, forward this message to them. The link automatically expires next Sunday (12 April). 


With every good wish,


Aidan Prescott