Fr. John’s Letter – 12th May 2020

Dear Parishioners of St Jerome’s and St Anne’s

‘Those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith’

The Coronavirus has struck our country and brought many thousands of deaths. Mostly elderly, but some young and healthy, have been taken from their families. So much tragedy, sadness and sorrow.

But every death brings a great weight of sadness and grieving. I was reminded of this when I glanced over the names of those who have died in our three Formby parishes since the lockdown began, before my Mass this morning. They have all been buried or cremated with the Rites of the Church. Not all have died as a result of the virus of course. But behind each name is a story, a grieving family and a need for prayer.

I am listing the names of those who have died over the last seven weeks, so that our parish communities can hold them and their loved ones in our prayers and thoughts. None of them was able to receive the comfort of a Requiem Mass. I know this has been painful for the bereaved. When we are permitted to return to worship, I shall be celebrating a Memorial Mass in our churches, to which the bereaved families will be invited. In this way we can pray through the Mass for those who have died and support their loved ones as a community. It may of course be necessary to celebrate more than one of these Special Masses.

I also want to ask your prayers for the community at Mill Hill who have lost two of their priests. May all who have died be received into the light of eternal life and find rest in the merciful and loving embrace of the Father.

Lucy SCOTLAND,   Josephine Margaret CULLEN, William CUSICK, Margaret AINDOW, Christopher BYRNE, Brendan GINTY, Gerard CALLAGHAN, Anthony McGUINNESS, Marie DEAN, Monica THOMAS, Peter MALONE, Patricia CALLAGHAN, Joan McALEAVEY, Joan HOLLIGAN, Agatha RYAN

May God bless you all,

Fr John