Letter from Fr John 5th June 2020

Dear parishioners of St Anne’s and St Jerome’s,

Earlier today (4th June), I asked John Mc Carthy to post an information update on our website. In the last few days, the Archdiocese has written to all parish priests to inform us that preparations are now being made for the opening of some churches for private prayer. It is clear after reading this letter, that the requirements are quite stringent. At first, only a small number of churches will be allowed to open. I think that the diocese will watch how that all goes carefully before permitting more churches to open for prayer.

Everything depends on a nominated church being able to meet all the requirements of volunteers, cleaning and so on. The final decision will be taken by the Archbishop. This is why Father Bernard and I decided that we would start with Our Lady’s and invite Catholics from across the town to volunteer to help. Please consider volunteering if you fit the criteria.

The question that is in everyone’s minds is, of course, when can we get back to Mass? There are no dates, but all the indications are that it will be quite some time yet. The infection rate and death rate are falling very slowly and the authorities remain very cautious. The Archdiocese indicated that when Mass does return, it will be celebrated for smaller numbers.

So it is a mixed bag at the moment. Let’s see how things progress with the opening of the churches for personal prayer. In the meantime, let’s continue to reach out, to pray and to take good care. I will write to you all over the weekend with some further thoughts.

God bless you all!

Father John