Preparing to attend Mass at St. Jerome’s Church

Dear Parishioners of St Jerome’s and St Anne’s

Preparing to attend Mass at St. Jerome’s church.

1. Give yourself plenty of time to get to church ensuring you arrive well before the start time, if you turn up just before the start time or are late you may not be allowed in as the church can only admit a limited number of worshippers. Your early arrival will help volunteer stewards get everyone into church in plenty of time for Mass.

Please note that there are no toilet facilities.

2. Entrance to the church will be by the Greenloons Drive entrance ONLY.

3. You must wear a mask in church and be wearing it before you enter, not just the main body of the church but the porch also. (exemptions to wearing masks can be found on the government website:

4. On arriving at the church there may be others there before you, please queue along the building line towards the parish centre and adhere to guidelines in relation to social distancing. When you reach the church door please wait to be invited in by our volunteer stewards. Only one person will be allowed in at a time. Children need to be accompanied by adults, with young children entering with one adult. 

Please note that children need to remain in their places

5. On entering the church porch you will be invited to sanitise your hands. Once your hands have been sanitised you will be directed to a steward who will take you to your seat. You must note that you cannot choose your seat. Again please adhere to the guidelines in relation to social distancing and go immediately to your seat. Sadly there is no opportunity to greet our friends. Once seated please remain in that place.

6. Whilst in church you should keep your mask on and only removed it when receiving Holy Communion, replace it, then remove once you have left the church.

7. The distribution of Holy Communion will occur at the usual time in Mass and not at the end as indicated in the Archbishop’s message. You will remain in your places for Holy Communion, Fr. John will stand before the whole congregation acclaiming “The Body of Christ” to which we reply “Amen”. Then Fr. John will come amongst you walking in-between the benches distributing Holy Communion. No other words are then spoken as you receive Holy Communion. You must receive Holy Communion in the hand with your arms outstretched.

8. The Mass will continue through to the dismissal, Fr. John will leave the Sanctuary and process to the sacristy. You must then remain in your places until a steward directs you to leave, at no time should you move along benches or try and socialise inside the church. You will leave by the Greenloons Drive door. Once you have left you cannot return as this will mean you are likely to come into close contact with others leaving the church or disrupt the cleansing of the church once everyone has left.

9. Once outside please leave the vicinity of the church, do not feel tempted to stop and talk as this will only delay those leaving behind you from getting out of the church.

10. If at any time you do need to move please just raise your hand and attract the attention of one of our volunteer stewards.