St. Jerome’s


St Jerome
St Jerome

Parish priest: Rev Monsignor J. M. Walsh

Deacon: Rev Deacon J. P. Moreland

Parish administrator: John McCarthy

Parish Safeguarding Rep: John McCarthy

Dear Parishoners of St Jerome’s and St Anne’s

These days of restrictions are passing by slowly. We are told that these next two weeks will be the most difficult and dramatic for new cases of infection and deaths. We saw this with the dramatic rise in deaths yesterday. This growing tragedy should take the edge off our impatience to return to our freedoms. Hundreds a day are losing their lives in our country.

Lent is drawing to a close and the greatest and most sacred week for Christians is approaching. It is a dramatic week, full of pain, suffering and death. In an astonishing way, this week of Christian observance and the life of our society coincide in an identical way.

This is the time, then, to ask how we will play our part in what is happening around us. We are certainly not onlookers. We are intimately part of what is happening. I believe that if we live the days of the coming Holy Week prayerfully, thoughtfully and lovingly, we will be very well prepared to engage in the suffering that is happening around us.

How are we going to do this when our churches remain locked and our public worship is not taking place? As I have mentioned in my recent preaching and also in my regular letters to you all, the answer is the Domestic Church, the Church of the home. In many ways, this is the Church in her most crucial and true form. God is present in the homes of each one of us. His Holy Spirit hovers there, above each one of us and enters our hearts when invited. We are asked to offer God our worship there.

It is in the Church of the home that we will live out the drama of Holy Week this year. There will be two elements to this drama. The first is the place we choose to pray. We can pray anywhere, anytime of course. But if we find a particular, quiet place so much the better. There we can reflect, meditate and talk to our Father God as needy children. The second element is the media outlet in our homes. There we will see this sad drama taking place. These two places must meet; my place of prayer and my TV. One must flow into the other.

I will write to you again at the weekend to make some practical suggestions as to how we, as parish communities, can unite ourselves to one another in Holy Week. But one final thought; as the days pass slowly, we can get into a sad mindset that sees no end to the current crisis. Think instead of each passing day as one day closer to the end of this crisis, for end it most certainly will. Already we can glimpse the first faint light of Easter and all the joy and peace it promises. Let us keep our eyes firmly fixed on that approaching light and the inevitable end of this crisis. Then we can be bearers of hope and not sadness.

God bless you all!

Father John

Coronavirus :-

If anyone has any particular concerns, or need help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office by phone or by email on the following:

01704 872467

The parish phone and e mails are checked regularly throughout the day.

Let us pray for each other and take care to follow the advice given to us by the authorities. Above all, let us place our trust in the Lord who never abandons His people.

St Jerome and St Anne, pray for us.

God bless you,

Father John

Additional Resources During this time of church closures:-

You may wish to access daily Holy Mass online. Please see the below link contained on “The Word on Fire’ website headed by Bishop Robert Barron who was keynote speaker at ‘Adoremus 2018’

Word on Fire Daily Mass    (Please be aware that this Mass will take place live at 1:15pm each day. It is recorded so will be available at anytime afterwards)

You may if you wish reflect on the Stations of the Cross using the below link

Stations of the Cross | Bishop Robert Barron

Children’s Liturgy beginning this Sunday 5th April 2020 via the CAFOD Resource Services

Registration Register with this link for emails containing resources

Or go to the main CAFOD home page using the below link

Catholic international development charity | CAFOD


God Our Father,
each person is precious to You.
You are the Giver of life.
Have mercy on us and protect us
at this time, as the Coronavirus
threatens health and life.
You are an ever-present Helper
in time of trouble.
Watch over those who are
suffering, give strength to those
who are aiding the Sick and give courage to all in this time of anxiety.
We ask this of you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.




The Parishes’ News

Do you need help and Support: Nichola Taylor of St Jerome’s parish has sent in this message;

I am part of a new community group who are helping the vulnerable in our community. We would like to reach out to as many people as we can so everyone knows that someone is around to help. This could be shopping, prescriptions or just a chat on the phone. We have signed up to the NHS initiative so this will give us guidance on safeguarding etc.

If you know of anyone in the parish that needs this help, could you please let me know.  Also, we have put together a list of local distributors to help people get hold of fresh produce.  I have attached this so could you please to distribute this, along with my details, so we can help as many people as possible at this difficult time.

Kind regards, Nichola Taylor.    Mobile  07891337211

FOODBANK: Please don’t forget the foodbank

Alice Joyce has sent the following update;

The Foodbank are now in desperate need and they expect this to worsen over the next few weeks.
They urgently need Longlife Milk, tinned meats also any tinned vegetables or fruit,
Washing powder/tablets and treats for the kids. With Easter just less than 2 weeks, away creme eggs, lollipops, Haribo sweets would all be much appreciated.
Even if you can only spare one tin of baked beans, please pop it in our front gate at 35 Freshfield Road on the corner of Wicks Lane when your out on your daily walk.
Just lift the latch of gate and we’ll put a plastic container with a lid just inside the gate.
Please wear gloves and we’ll disinfect the latch regularly being mindful of any cross contamination.
We’ll deliver the food up to the Lakeside Food Bank on Friday.  It’s now open Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-3pm.
Don’t forget, Waitrose, Tesco and One Stop -opp Cross House pub – are still big collection points for the Food Bank.
If you can’t get out, you can always donate money to this very worthy cause, using the below link

Make a donation – The Trussell Trust    This link takes you straight to the donation page.

Prayers please: We have a number of parishioners who have undergone major surgery in the past weeks and days please pray for them at this time. Also please pray for all our sick and those who are in self isolation due to their underlying medical conditions and frailty.

Lately Dead: Agatha RYAN (Our Lady’s),   Josephine Margaret CULLEN (St. Anne’s)

Other useful links

The Holy See

Prayer_and_other_resources   (This contains a file containing numerous resources that you can download)

Aid to the Church in Need | Online Masses

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS

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Support Schemes

Advice on Volunteer Support Networks  It is important that we look out for and care for our neighbour. Please view this advice provided by the Chief Operating Officer of The Liverpool Archdiocese, Martin Miller

Covid-19 Southport & Formby Support Group (Corona virus 2020)

The Silver Line 08004708090
Independent Age 08000556112
Friends of the Elderly 030033211110 receive call weekly or fortnightly from volunteer.

General Mass times

All Masses are suspended until further notice

Safeguarding Information:

  • Parish Safeguarding Rep: John McCarthy


  • Archdiocese of Liverpool Safeguarding Department: Alexandra Griffiths, Safeguarding Co-ordinator, 0151 522 1043



  • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: 0808 800 5000 (lines free and open 24 hours). Phone if you are worried about a child.


  • Child-line: 0800 1111 (lines free and open 24 hours). Phone if you are a child or young person and are worried about anything.



  • Samaritans Helpline: 08457 90 90 90 (open 24 hours). Phone if you feel you are struggling to cope and need someone to talk to.