St. Jerome’s

Preparing to attend Mass at St. Jerome’s
St Jerome
St Jerome

Parish priest: Rev Monsignor J. M. Walsh

Deacon: Rev Deacon J. P. Moreland

Deacon: Rev Deacon John McCarthy

Parish Safeguarding Rep: John McCarthy

Live Streaming of Mass – Formby Catholic Community – YouTube

I have taken Fr. John’s letter from Formby Catholic Community Facebook page where you will find all of the new updates, the letter is below. I am sending this out as I realise some of you do not have Facebook nor do some of you want to have Facebook so I hope this helps.
Also, please note the change of email address for both St. Anne’s and St. Jerome’s, it is
Thank you and God Bless,
Dear Parishioners of Our Lady’s, St Anne’s and St Jerome’s,
This is the first time that I have written to you all since Archbishop Mc Mahon appointed me as Parish Priest of Our Lady’s on July 20th. The sharp eyed among you will notice that I have greeted each parish in the order of the seniority of its foundation. The best way to do it I think!
Now that just one Parish Priest is serving the three parishes of our town, I wanted to create a single means of information for us all, so that there will be as little confusion as possible. We now have a single Facebook page with a new title ‘Formby Catholic Community’. The title speaks for itself and underlines the need for us all to begin working more closely together. I want to thank Siobhan and Karen for previously taking care of the Our Lady’s and St Jerome’s Facebook pages which will now be gradually phased out. I am grateful to Siobhan for agreeing to take the new page forward. Information about how to get in contact and how to share information will appear shortly. I am aware that not everyone is on Facebook and so I am looking at other ways to reach out to as many people as possible electronically. If you have any suggestions about the best way to do this, then please get in touch.
Let me begin by speaking to the parishioners of my new parish of Our Lady’s. Thank you very much for your kind welcome before and after my first Masses last weekend. It was reassuring to see some familiar faces! Although I have been just an occasional visitor to Our Lady’s in the past, I know that the parish has a long and distinguished history, and that the community there is blest with wonderful people. I want to repeat once again my grateful thanks to Father Bernard for his 22 years of dedicated and generous ministry. I am greatly impressed by the beautiful church of Our Lady’s and look forward to ministering there to all of you.
The parishes of St Anne’s and St Jerome’s have been receiving a weekly letter from me since March, sometimes more than weekly. Both parishes are wonderful communities and it has been my joy and privilege to serve both; St Jerome’s for 8 years and St Anne’s for 4 years.
Allow me to say some words to the parishioners of St Anne’s. Thank you for your great patience! You are a wonderful community and I know it has not been easy seeing the other two churches in Formby reopen and St Anne’s remain closed. Parish Priests with more than one church were asked to open just one for the time being. Added to this is the problem we have of being able to accommodate suitable numbers for Mass with COVID restrictions. I am very sensitive to this situation. We must now wait until the Archdiocese gives us further direction. In the meantime, I thank you for your example of patience and forebearance.
What of the future for our three parishes? The pandemic has impacted deeply on parish life. So many familiar things have been taken away from us. We are only now able to gather for Mass again, but even this is a strange and difficult experience. Most experts seem to believe that we are in this for the long haul and the daily news offers little comfort. So our social interaction is likely to be restricted for some time to come. Planning for the future is very difficult. I have been saying for some time that Formby is likely to see three parishes become one at some point in the future. I think that the pandemic is bringing that future to us more quickly than we might have imagined. No one expects that one priest can take care of three parishes, least of all myself! So we can expect to hear more about this in the near future. But for now the summer holidays are keeping everything quiet.
Regardless of what lies ahead, I believe that we are being asked to hold on to, and believe deeply in, the one who always stands at the heart of the Mass and each one of our communities; Jesus. The life and work of each one of our parishes serve him. So let us hold on to him and do our best to take care of each other. I ask for your prayers. But I am greatly encouraged by the wonderful and faithful people of our three parish communities. I ask for your patience in these coming weeks and months and ask you to bear with me as I try my best to serve you well and lead us forward into a very uncertain future.
God bless you all,
Father John

Preparing to attend Mass at St. Jerome’s
Contact Tracing

Please see following link with message from Archbishop Malcolm re – church openings

Archdiocese of Liverpool – YouTube

Coronavirus :-

If anyone has any particular concerns, or need help in any way, please do not hesitate to contact the parish office by phone or by email on the following:

01704 872467

The parish phone and e mails are checked regularly throughout the day.

Let us pray for each other and take care to follow the advice given to us by the authorities. Above all, let us place our trust in the Lord who never abandons His people.

St Jerome and St Anne, pray for us.

God bless you,

Father John

Additional Resources During this time of church closures:-

Archdiocesan Resource page. Prayer and Other Resources | Liverpoolcatholic

Universalis: Mass  (please follow this link for readings at Mass)

You may wish to access daily Holy Mass online. Please see the below link contained on “The Word on Fire’ website headed by Bishop Robert Barron who was keynote speaker at ‘Adoremus 2018’

Word on Fire Daily Mass    (Please be aware that this Mass will take place live at 1:15pm each day. It is recorded so will be available at anytime afterwards)

Children’s Liturgy  via the CAFOD Resource Services

Registration Register with this link for emails containing resources

Or go to the main CAFOD home page using the below link

Catholic international development charity | CAFOD


God Our Father,
each person is precious to You.
You are the Giver of life.
Have mercy on us and protect us
at this time, as the Coronavirus
threatens health and life.
You are an ever-present Helper
in time of trouble.
Watch over those who are
suffering, give strength to those
who are aiding the Sick and give courage to all in this time of anxiety.
We ask this of you in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.



The Parishes’ News

The following message was asked to be given out by Marie Cooper, ‘ Thank you everybody, you sent cards (185), Mass cards (20), flowers, plants but most of all I thank you for everyone’s support to me and the family during Tony’s illness. It was all very much appreciated and so very much the community of St.Jeromes Tony and l have experienced during our years in Formby.’ 

Stuart Henderson has informed us that Joan Moore has died aged 86 after a long illness and her family funeral takes place at Sacred Heart cemetery Ainsdale next Friday. She used to be a member of St Jerome’s Parish with her late husband Bill. She had lived in Southport for a number of years and would often go on the ladies’ retreats.
Deans are handling her funeral arrangements and donations are being accepted for Cancer Research UK.
We keep Marie Cooper and Joan Moore and her family in our prayers along with everyone who has passed away during this time of the pandemic.
The Foodbank donations have been down a bit in recent few weeks with easing of lockdown. It maybe that the drop off points at Waitrose and Tesco etc. are being used more, however, we have been reminded that the need for donations continues to grow. Please if you can continue to donate goods and in addition to routine non perishable foods, the Foodbank particularly need toothbrushes, shampoos, conditioners and any household cleaning products except bleach. 
Finally, I would like to thank you all for your prayers, cards, gifts and best wishes prior to and following my ordination. I pray that I can always serve you all to the best of my ability. Undoubtedly the greatest job of all once we are free of Covid 19 is to bring us all back together as one big community and more than that, to go out and find those who have become more distant from Jesus Christ and his Church and help and guide them back into His fold. God Bless you all (John McCarthy)

CAFOD – Unite against coronavirus

CAFOD has….”joined forces with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to scale up our response, ensuring that no one is beyond reach of the aid they need to survive.

Our valuable experts on the ground understand the challenges and needs in their respective communities. They are able to respond quickly and are already involved in activities that include:

Delivering food to where it is needed most.

  • Improving hygiene, handwashing and sanitation at the community and household level.
  • Producing radio messages, posters and leaflets in local languages on risks and prevention.
  • Training community volunteers to carry out awareness campaigns.”

We are living through the biggest public health crisis in a century. Right across the UK, coronavirus is having a devastating impact on all of our daily lives, and many people have lost precious loved ones. But in many developing countries where poverty is widespread and healthcare systems are much more fragile, the effects are likely to be disastrous.

We must never forget that we are one global family, united in this struggle. Now is not the time to build barriers, but for the world to unite in love and compassion.

Out of love for our sisters and brothers overseas, sign our petition asking the Prime Minister to ensure that the most vulnerable people are the priority in the UK’s international efforts as well as at home.

Parish Giving: Please follow the link below in order to give to your own parish Parish Giving – online and text

Do you need help and Support: Nichola Taylor of St Jerome’s parish has sent in this message;

I am part of a new community group who are helping the vulnerable in our community. We would like to reach out to as many people as we can so everyone knows that someone is around to help. This could be shopping, prescriptions or just a chat on the phone. We have signed up to the NHS initiative so this will give us guidance on safeguarding etc.

If you know of anyone in the parish that needs this help, could you please let me know.  Also, we have put together a list of local distributors to help people get hold of fresh produce.  I have attached this so could you please to distribute this, along with my details, so we can help as many people as possible at this difficult time.

Kind regards, Nichola Taylor.    Mobile  07891337211

FOODBANK:   Thank you again for donating to the Foodbank sadly they remain in desperate need and they expect this to continue to worsen. The Foodbank are especially short of tinned vegetables and bottles of cordial ie dilutable drinks.

All donated goods can be dropped off at Alice and Paddy Joyce’s home at 35 Freshfield Road. There is no need to knock as a box to put them in is provided. Donations need to be in before 1pm on a Friday, thank you. The Lakeside Food Bank is now open Mon, Wed and Fri from 1-3pm.
Don’t forget, Waitrose, Tesco and One Stop -opp Cross House pub – are still big collection points for the Food Bank.

If you can’t get out, Nichola Taylor (Please see above) has started a home collection service. If you have goods for the Foodbank that need collecting then give her a call on Mobile  07891337211
Also, you can always donate money to this very worthy cause, using the below link.

Make a donation – The Trussell Trust    This link takes you straight to the donation page.

Foodbank Update – Compassionate

We have been contacted by Richard Owens Chief Executive of, Compassion Acts, Lakeside Church, Fairway, Southport. Compassion Acts is a charity which runs the Foodbank, food pantry and advice services in Southport and for Formby. Richard has written a letter that can be found by using this link – Churches letter

He has also added an appeal to raise funds, the link to view this is – media release

And he has added an information flyer for you to keep either for your own personal information or to enable you to provide information to those who may be in need as to where they may be able to go to for help. need support poster

Irenaeus Project 

Catholic Pic – The Catholic Pic  latest edition is available to download here:

Prayers please: Please pray for all our sick and those who are in self isolation due to their underlying medical conditions and frailty.

Lately Dead: Lucy SCOTLAND (Our Lady’s),   Josephine Margaret CULLEN (St. Anne’s), Paul Quirk, William CUSICK (St. Jerome’s), Margaret AINDOW (Our Lady’s), Christopher BYRNE (St Anne’s), Brendan GINTY (Our Lady’s), Gerard CALLAGHAN (St. Anne’s), Anthony McGUINNESS (St. Jerome’s), Marie DEAN (Our Lady’s), Monica THOMAS, Bill RAINFORD (ex – St. Jerome’s), Peter MALONE (Our Lady’s), Paul McAVOY (Godson of Colette Cooper), Patricia CALLAGHAN, Joan McALEAVEY (St. Jerome’s), Patricia CALLAGHAN, Juliet DAVIS (Our Lady’s), Elizabeth BAMBER (St. Jerome’s), Patricia TUNNICLIFFE (St Jerome’s), John Gouldbourne (Our Lady’s), Edward CONNOLLY (St. Jerome’s), Hugh WATERSON (St. Jerome’s), Tony Cooper (St Jerome’s)

Other useful links

The Holy See

Prayer_and_other_resources   (This contains a file containing numerous resources that you can download)

Aid to the Church in Need | Online Masses

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS

Churches Together in England : Coronavirus guidance and prayers

Support Schemes

Advice on Volunteer Support Networks  It is important that we look out for and care for our neighbour. Please view this advice provided by the Chief Operating Officer of The Liverpool Archdiocese, Martin Miller

Covid-19 Southport & Formby Support Group (Corona virus 2020)

The Silver Line 08004708090
Independent Age 08000556112
Friends of the Elderly 030033211110 receive call weekly or fortnightly from volunteer.

General Mass times

All Masses are suspended until further notice

Safeguarding Information:

  • Parish Safeguarding Rep: John McCarthy


  • Archdiocese of Liverpool Safeguarding Department: Alexandra Griffiths, Safeguarding Co-ordinator, 0151 522 1043



  • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: 0808 800 5000 (lines free and open 24 hours). Phone if you are worried about a child.


  • Child-line: 0800 1111 (lines free and open 24 hours). Phone if you are a child or young person and are worried about anything.



  • Samaritans Helpline: 08457 90 90 90 (open 24 hours). Phone if you feel you are struggling to cope and need someone to talk to.